Header of data table shows "Column 1;Column 2;..." instead of my real header


I want to send an email that contains the data table. But I facing the problem with the header of the data table.

My workflow process is somethings like this:

  1. I build a data table with only have the header.

  2. Then, I add data row to add the content of data table

  3. When I wanted to send the email,

  • I output the data table to string and then generate data table from the string (to get the real header)
  • Create HTML Content to put the data table inside

However, sometime the header is showing Column 1 ; Column 2 ; Column 3 ( the real header goes to the next row)
Ps: sometimes it work fine.

What can I do to prevent the unwanted header shown up?

Thank you.


Can share the workflow used to convert the datatable to html

Hi @poppadom

Why are you converting the data table to string and then back to data table?

You can directly use the data table.


This is my workflow.


Without converting the data table to string and then string to data table, the header will be different.

With the conversion, the header will be same will the header in build data table;
Without the conversion, the first row of the content will become the header.

Thus, I included the conversion step in it.


PS: This happened when the content of data table is more than or equal to 3 row.

Is this because the activity is unstable at the version I using as I am not using the latest version.

Cause when I check the string of the output data table,
it shows:

And another weird things is sometimes the header is right, and sometime the header column 1 …appear

Any idea?

use output datatable the output is string and use replace syntax like strvar.replace(“columnname
old”,“column name new”) do this for all column name

and use generate data table activity and pass input as a string

cannot because it happened sometimes( when data table’s content >=3).
If I do so, when row =3, then the header and the first row will be the same.

Currently, I am using another non-appropriate way.
I add a data row right after build data table.
And removed the output data table and generate data table.
Thus when using create HTML content, the first row will become its header.

But still hope that there have a more appropriate way.

please look on thhat

It’s not the matter of change column name now…

For example,
I build a data table


Then in the process I add the data row
(12/7/2022,Robot,namehere,- ) is added

If row >3,
once the data table is change to string.
The string println is like this:

12/7/2022,Robot,namehere,- (this row started is the content of the data table)

If I change the column name , it will become like this:


And the data table will become somethings like this:

Cause it dont know why the system add a extra row itself ( the row with column1 , column 2, column3…).

However, when row < 3
The string println is like this:

12/7/2022,Robot,namehere,- (this row started is the content of the data table)

So the table didn’t faced the problem, it’s like this:

then you have easy way just write this data in one excel and read that table which is written there you should disable the add headers it will automatically eliminate the first row

try that without add headers

Hi @poppadom ,

Could you create a Sample workflow that replicates the issue and share it here ?

If Read Range Activity is not being used and you’re using a Build Datatable then it does not seem to be right.

Try also using Debug and check at different activities what is the value of the Datatable, whether it has the headers at first and after what step it includes the Column1,Column2,…

Let us know your findings.

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