Header in datatable

I have a datatable and I do not save to excel. The first row in the datatable is the header. I do a filter datatable activity and I get the error the value for argument columnname is not set or is invalid. As a test, I saved the datatable to an excel file and the columns do exist. What do I need to do?

There are at least two options:

  • using the column index for the filtering
  • using first row for renaming the generic column names to the values from the first row column values

Can you provide details regarding either of your suggestions? @ppr

example: filtering the second column (indexes are 0 based)

  1. If you are using Excel and the column headers are in first row, you can use option include header in read range activity.
  2. If not that, then the default names of columns is Column1, Column2 and so on.
  3. You can use column index.
  4. If all of this creates confusion, you can rename data tables column names with the values in first row. Use a loop on data table and assign the ColumName with rows’s first element of that column.