Header collection doesn't contains all keys

Header collection doesn’t contains all keys. Only 2 keys are coming. U Id and Message ID in Uipath.mail.activities version 1.15.1 while in version 1.12.3 it is working perfectly fine. All header keys are coming but in 1.12.3 we cannot add the another email id while replying on any email. How can get all the keys in the header in version 1.15.1

Hello @manpreet.singh ,

Are you facing this issue after the version upgrade? or are you creating a new flow with new version.

I think you need to check variable object type.

Hey @manpreet.singh

This looks a known issue, Many forum posts I have seen in a week.

Even we face the same issues in the upgraded version.

Kindly raise it over a feedback category so that it will be addressed by UiPath team.


Hello @manpreet.singh

i have seen an another post related to email issue with latest package.