Having Trouble with Store procedure and cursor object

I’m trying to call a store procedure in UiPath.
the connection to the DB is working - because I tried to run a simple query and it worked.
I have a store procedure that received few params, and also has CURSOR param.
The cursor param is holding the results of the store procedure, but when we call this procedure (for example in python, we need to create an empty variable of cursor and send it too)

My question, is how to handle it in UiPath???
I change the command type to be StoredProcedure and entered in output data table a data table variable.

  • should I send the cursor object? if yes, what type of element is it?
  • all the float variables I need to send - in VB is it correct to send double?

The error I’m getting is ORA-06550: LINE 1, COLUMN 7: PLS-00306: Wrong Number OR Types Of Arguments In Call To…

I’m pretty sure its related to the cursor object.
Did someone face this issue?


Can you fix it? I’ve the same problem.