Having trouble in adding a photo in the middle of the mail body in Send Outlook Activity

I need to send an outlook mail with a photo inside the body
For Example:
Hello ,
…blah blah blah
Thank you
{In this field I need to place the logo of the Organization}
contact no:9589XXXXXX

I have tried all the solutions in forums ,Eventhough I have not got the logo inside the body of the mail.Anyone knows how to achieve this ,Please help me with this .
@NIVED_NAMBIAR @prasath17 @Palaniyappan
Thanks in Advance

Have you tried create HTML content activity?
There is an add image option in it.

How to use that bro i have now inserted the image ,
We need to save the content and give as a variable inside the body ?
Can you elaborate the steps bro

Drag and Drop the activity in workflow.


Click on Open Editor

Type in the mail or copy paste the mail text. To insert the image click on add image icon


There will be three options. Select the insert now option and click on OK. Your image will be added


Thank you so much bro got the image in body

Having another doubt ,The image is appearing in outlook messages but the image is not visible in gmail How can i fix this

Ideally it should not.
Try by sending the mail using send SMTP Activity.

Sure bro i will try and if i faced any issues will get back to you


Add this in html code of the mail body.

Attach the image to mail as attachment using the Attach File option.

<img border=0 width=100 height=100 src="cid:imageName.jpg">

image name must be same in attachment as well as in cid attribute

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