Having issues with the final steps of my build


I am trying to close out the final stages of my build and I am having some minor issues.

  1. Clicking latest link on TARIC site - As you can see from Update Nomenclature File workflow (first step) , when run, June is selected. How do I get the selector to choose the latest month every time?

  2. I am having an issue with my Assign activity. These are the messages I am getting:


If anyone could help me to overcome these issues that would be great.

I have included the file also for reference.

Thanks very much.


NomenclatureScrapeV2.zip (1.2 MB)


For the 1st


We Need to make selector as dynamic

For this you have to do as below

Declare a variable

Monthtoget = DateTime.now.ToString(“MM”)

That will give you the month in Number

MonthinWord = DateTime.now.ToString(“MMMM”)

Selectortoplace = Monthtoget + “ ” + “-” + “ ” +MonthinWord

Check as below

Pass this variable to the Selector like below


Mark as solution if this helps

For 2nd

Check whether you are able to match the value or not


Thanks very much for your response.

The first solution works perfectly, although the second I am unsure of as this workflow was working until a few days ago and I am not sure as to what has changed :thinking:

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