Having excess row/data when using Generate Data Table from Text?

I’m trying to generate a data table using a string that is delimited by space, after using the activity, it shows that I have an excess row/data which is a duplicate of the first row of the data table, how do I fix this?

image below are the current values of the variable and data table while testing.

after getting the datatable from generate datatable the duplicated row can be removed e.g. with Remove Duplicate Rows activity or with a LINQ statement

even though the data starts with single quotations?

should work, just try it at least the LINQ could manage it

A cleansing job for triming all ’ could look like this:

Var: dtCleansed | DataType: DataTable

Assign Activity
LHS: dtCleansed

(From d in YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Let ra = d.ItemArray.Select(Function (x) x.toString.Trim({"'“c,” "c})).ToArray
Select r = dtCleansed.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable

Then execute the Remove Duplicate Rows

can you provide me the .xaml file for this? I’m not familiar with LINQ

can you try to use it as described within an assign activity?

For starting with LINQ have a look here

will look into this. I also tried using the activity “Remove Duplicate Rows”
from data tables, the outcome since weird.
after using the Generate Data Table from Text I get 1 row of data but after using the remove duplicates, it made a copy instead