Having email address be the username for our logins is a problem

I changed companies so now my primary login (from the old company) doesn’t match my current email address. Lucky for me, it was an acquisition so the old company email address is still delivered to me.

However, now I have these two SSO linked accounts on your systems, with different email addresses, and it’s complicated and messy.

In general, it’s not good practice to have email address be the username, if you can’t change it.

Do you mean on the forum or on the Orchestrator Paul?

I recently moved companies and didnt have too much trouble switching details of my various accounts despite even having a gap between losing access to the old one and gaining access to the new one, assuming you mean the forums etc.

If its the Orchestrator, well the SSO integration is optional and I think a different issue.
I personally like having my email be my username on most sites, its cleaner and easier since there are less usernames to remember.

I’m talking about the forums. You cannot change your email on your primary account, it’s also your login ID.

Ok, then in that case you can as I did it a few weeks back.

You can get to it from this page and there is a spanner icon allowing you to change your primary account.


I do have an ‘SSO’ linked account on my old email, honestly not sure what that one is for, I can delete it but am hesitant to do so without knowing the consequences.

That’s what I’m talking about. That’s your primary account. It doesn’t let you change your email address on that primary account, you had to create a second account and link it to your original account. And not knowing the consequences of deleting it is part of my point.

Hmmm, maybe we are misunderstanding each other.

I am referring to the primary as labelled here. I was able to change that via the spanner icon and thats now my forum login ‘username’.

The linked SSO thing I couldnt change, I don’t currently know what that is for. I was guessing it was a connection to the academy perhaps…? Are you referring to this as the ‘primary’ or were you also unable to change the one labeled primary in green?

The first account I created is my “associated account” and when I changed companies I couldn’t change that email address because it’s the login, so I had to create this account with the new email address and link it.

@postwick is correct that you cannot change the email address of the UiPath account (the cloud.uipath.com account).

However, to preserve your Forum account via a new cloud.uipath.com you can do this:

  • create a new cloud.uipath.com account
  • change your email from your Forum account settings to the new one
  • log into the Forum by using the new cloud.uipath.com account

You should now have updated your associated account because it will automatically link you to the correct Forum account that matches your Forum account email from the settings.

Having said all of that - I believe a change of the email should be available in a much simpler way, and I’ll save this feedback so that our Cloud team can consider this situation in their future plans.

How do I know which of the two accounts is my forum account?