Haven't received email for Community Edition

I submitted a request for UIPath Community edition a few days ago, but still haven’t received the download email. i have checked all other folders, but still have not seen it. I have also submitted a ticket to support and have not heard back. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Can you please submitting your request again?

Happened to me as well. Sometimes it takes a long long time to get the e-mail. Or you can try another e-mail address to check. They will probably arrive at the same time tho :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what’s happening but there’s a lot of users having the same problem. As I mentioned in another post. My fried tried a lot of times and with different e-mails and didn’t receive the download link via e-mail.

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The download link is the same for everybody i think. Cant we just share the download? They need to register anyways to the site. @loginerror maybe you can help them out here?

I’ve created another ticket regarding to this as we have not been able to receive an email.

If the download link is the same, then why not create a repository where people can download from? If you need them to register, then have it a requirement that they need to be registered and authenticated for an account to download.

ya, but its not up to me. There must be some “Logic” behind this system that i dont get yet. (just like the advanced certification deadline :stuck_out_tongue: ) But im not going to share anything without approval of the Uipath devs. Thats why i tagged @loginerror with the post. We had multiple cases of this in our business as well, so it would be a good point to address.

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Oh didn’t mean for the community members to be responsible for this. The message inquiry is meant for the UIPath team.

Haha i know :slight_smile:
Don’t worry, they’ll help you out.

Could you let us know if it works now? It should, hopefully.


Any updates on this?

Yes. It worked! Thank you!