Have to scrape tables that are visible only when scrolld down

i have to scrape tables that are visible only when scrolled down.but it not sure that the table will be visible after single scroll or mutiple scrolls .not able to capture that because of the uncertainity of visiblility of data tables.

My first thought is that the Extract Structured Data / Data Scraping wizard should be able to extract the entire table even with a scroll bar. But, this will depend on the website so it’s difficult for me to provide a suggestion without knowing how the website works. — I would definitely try to get the Data Scraping wizard to work as a first approach.


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thanks for the response @ClaytonM.It is workday application.
I just made one more observation like some times number of columns are also changing based on the inputs people provide,Will that impacts scrapping


The Extract Structured Data metadata should be set to extract all columns of the table, but I’m not 100% on that.

@vslp_uipc If possible can you share the screenshot