Have to run Studio as administrator

Hi Folks,

This might have been answered somewhere by someone else (did see the blue box before posting).
But, I tried to search the forum, and couldn’t find an exact match.

So the problem is that I have to run the studio as administrator, other wise, it doesn’t allow me to save the work.

For instance

Well, if everybody needs to run this as administrator, I won’t complain anymore.

But, I’ve been using the Studio for a while, with other computers and had no such problem before.

So, here is some background information:
Lenovo computer, Windows 10 pro, [Has problem]
Macbook pro, Windows 7, [No problem]
Asus Zenbook, Windows 10 Home, [No problem].

Not a serious problem. But, if I forgot to run as administrator, all the work is gone as I can’t save this thing anywhere else.

Thanks for the help!



Yes you do need full admin right for this.
Make sure you have installed UiPath by logging in as admin to avoid such a issue in future.

work around:
Check the permission for the mentioned path . Because uipath does not have write access to that folder.
Else change the directory.

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Thanks mate!

I actually found out that this could be my own “mistake”.

Up till now, I have noticed that the folder “WorkStation” was created as a direct child inside “Users”.
And I have moved the WS folder to 1 of my user accounts folders, then the problem is gone.

Ummmmm, Windows Security issues.