Have replies sent to / Direct replies to

Hi there,

I’m creating an e-mail and I want to specify “Reply-To:” address different from “From:” address.

Basically my bot is using data from Software A to send emails to Software B. When Software B gets the email, it creates a unique ID and sends it automatically back as an autoreply. I need this autoreply email to be delivered not to bot mailbox, but to somebody else (user). Outlook is having this feature in Options > Direct replies to > Have replies send to.

I have declared 2 variables of type MailMessage and MailAddress. Then I set user email in variable MailAddress and I set the property ReplyTo for the MailMessage variable. Everything runs without error, except for the fact that this functionality is not working. When I click Reply to on email that was send, it directs me to bot mailbox, not the email address i have specified in MailAddress variable. Here is SS of workflow

Have someone already had this case? Do you have any suggestions?

Did you get any solution?

Unfortunately no. One solution that we have applied was Outlook Rule on Bot Environment, so that autoreplies with certain title are automatically forwarded to somebody else. It solved the problem to the extend where it is not so obtrusive