Have a "Test Robot" button in provision robots wizard



can we have a “test robot” option in the provision robot wizard, after entering all the data for a robot?
i think this is useful especially when a customer is forced to often edit his robots or add new ones
now, in order to find out that you`ve entered wrong data for a robot, you have to run a job and see it fails, check the error messages and go from there


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What would that button do? What is considered a successful test?
Keep in mind that password for example is not mandatory for all robots.


makes sense for a domain for example, where you can validate the user and password inside the AD and then try a rdp with them


I should be able to check if the user/pass (user in ADs case) are ok for starting an executor process from the orchestrator and I won’t receive Invalid Authentication error.

Also if the robot is connected, sends heartbeat…