Have a tag on a machine when used out of running time (dev state)

Hi team !

When we work as a team, sometimes we use a machine to run some tests, sometimes we fix the issues.
Right now we can see if a bot is running or not from Orchestrator (green when available, blue when running).
What would be great is to have an additional state (unavailable, used by XXX). This state would be triggered manually by a developer on the Orchestrator so people would not be using the machine to run something for test.
And when someone still want to use the VM even if it was marked as unavailable, they would click on a button in the same line as the machine, and that would open a messagebox to the developer on the VM so that he knows that YYY wants to use the VM, and XXX could be mentionning the amount of time that he still needs (or specify that he’s leaving the VM)

What do you think of this option ?

Interesting suggestion. I saved it in our internal tracker for the Orchestrator team to consider.