Hash key assignment; after fetching hash key ,work item browser closes itself

After extracting Hash key from Sha1, I close the Sha1 browser.
However, after this the respective work item browser window closes and does not give the workflow chance to click and find Update button what could be the issue?ACMEq.zip (706.5 KB)

Hi @Shv2145

Is this the ‘Calculate Client Security Hash’ assignment?

Hi @nlee1131


I fetched and closed Sha1 website.
But after that the individual work item page that was open behind, closes too.

Did you set it up using the Robotic Enterprise Framework?

No, first I wanted to try the normal way.

Fine i saw your workflow, kindly use close tab instead of close application as it might close the whole application instead of closing that browser alone…
and to do that in open browser activity of shah1 workflow get the output variable named out_browser_shah which would be of type browser…
–pass this as input to close tab activity to the property Browser…
That would work for sure buddy

Cheers @Shv2145


Thanks for quick response

I added the steps mentioned to Kill tab,
However, still all the browser windows are getting closed

with kill tab: ACMEq.zip (706.5 KB)

After I replaced Click to Home from Update work item. Workflow went fine.

I corrected Update work item (Click Activity several times), but it fails.
Somehow its selector issue with Update workflow button , however when replaced with Home/Work Items Click (top left Menu) it doesnot throw error and returns to work items Home screen.

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So did the issue got resolved, any issues still buddy
Cheers @Shv2145