Has the learning stopped?

@VirajN just like @c.ciprian I didn’t even know there was such as field - and its of little importance to me, too. :slight_smile: I’m not sure whether removing would have an impact.

There is nothing wrong with people asking about string manipulation here in the forums. In the end, Invoke Code is an integral part of UiPath - so any question regarding coding is more than welcome. However, the ideal question shouldn’t be “how do I append two strings”, but rather “I tried to append two strings like this […] and it wouldn’t work, what can I do”. And the ideal answer? @Jan_Brian_Despi hits the nail on the head:

This, and a hundred times this. To use above example, if I provided you a XAML file with the finished solution, you may or may not learn. If I gave you a link to ex MSDN, now Microsoft Docs, about Concatenation Operators in VB.NET, you may at least learn that there is an extensive documentation for .NET, all its classes and methods, along with samples that you can copy & paste.

Agreed, and as Jan said, this is beyond our control. If someone wants to ask a low quality question, demands an answer, or behaves in a way that contradicts our guidelines, the best approach might be to do nothing. Don’t feed the trolls, and don’t confirm them in their thinking that they are entitled to you doing the hard work for them.

Absolutely! I think that flags can be more powerful, and I bet that “Duplicate of x” could become one of the most-used flags - more about that here: