Has the learning stopped?

Or maybe what we could do is till your last question was marked as solved you cannot post a new question. You can reply to other topics but cannot create a new one till you close your existing question.

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That might lead people to randomly mark answers (newbies) just to be able to ask again. Would mislead people on solutions who land up on these kinds of topic


I agree, I didn’t think of this.

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Before asking any question its recommended to search in forum, stack overflow or google or msdn website because most of the code is in vb and maximum you will get the answers, its just that we should be having little patience to go through this steps.

For each question or post newly created has an answer and has a detailed explanation, may be in forum, or google or stack overflow or Msdn website or you tube, If you didn’t find anywhere then posts should be created.

I have seen people marking their own post as solutions, if someone has replied on that topic for sure he/she would have benefited from the topic one or the other way, so i think no one should be given an option to mark their post as solution. If they are not happy with the solution it will close after 3 days of last reply.

As @VirajN mentioned many request for xaml files rather than learning of the specifics, it should be recommended that after you create 3 or 4 posts on the topic then only you can attach the xaml file.


i agree with this.


Hi everyone. First, I am happy that this topic came around, it means a lot to see this involvement on how to improve the learning and collaboration experience here.

Second, I want to share my own learning path sinceIi started this role on the Forum. When i first joined UiPath I was a QA engineer for Orchestrator so my Studio knowledge in terms of developing was limited. I mostly knew the activities that would interact with Orchestrator. When I took this role (managing the Forum and providing help for all UiPath products) I started with the most simple questions here (the ones on the Rookies category) since I was a rookie myself. Based on what was asked I started to develop in Studio and give the .xaml as a solution. I remember one of my first solutions was a simple sample of how to use invoke code: How to Use Invoke Code :slight_smile: After trying myself how to solve a topic I then started to answer the more advanced questions. I learned a lot from the answers of our now MVPs, back then leaders on the Forum.

I learned the most when I started creating my first Robot in production (with the help of my colleagues from RPA implementation team). At the beginning, when a topic was created, my first question was Did you complete the Foundation training in Academy?. So I thought I could see at a glance if we would have some sort of integration between the Academy and the Forum. So this is how Robo-Forum was created. We have improved it over time and now it’s easier for you to request to be part of the foundation, orchestrator or advanced groups and for us to add you to those groups after the Robot checks your progress in Academy platform. The first version was done with UI Automation and I found out sooner rather than later that it is not that reliable (comparing to how it is implemented now - API calls between the platforms).

What I am trying to say is that I personally don’t know the right answer in this case. Some learn by doing, others by following a template (in our case xaml files) but I think we can find a balance. In this case, having xaml files may bring value short term. As you mentioned above in this thread, one of the best practices is to search before you post. We all know that not everyone does that and we cannot really force people to do so (maybe they need an answer/solution on their specific app, maybe they are having a bad day and they are not so patient or whatever reason). But having only the xamls as solutions, long term can bring more questions (and even errors when trying to run it) as the UiPath versions become incompatible, new features are released etc.

Thanks again for bringing this up! :bowing_woman:


We can still use XAML files to solve the topic. However, we should at least treat it as the last resort.
Giving XAML files have an upside and downside. Not all users are techies. Some find it hard to navigate to the Studio and some just don’t know how to structure their configuration.
I think the learning will not stop simply because of giving XAML files as solutions. Those users that use the XAML file will have a better understanding of how it works. So what will happen is they will not be having a hard time doing that configuration in the future. They will likely to have a rather complicated problems, issues or roadblocks the next time they will consult the community. Since that is the statement, the learning did not stop because there is PROGRESS :slight_smile:


Right. And it is also important to write the question carefully as sometimes questions are too general without any details to allow any reasonable advice. :frowning:


I agree, most of the time the questions are vague or incomplete. Time is spend in requesting the OP to explain the question in detail.


So question is can we do anything about this? @ovi @loginerror?

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We will address it :slight_smile: Stay tuned!
(it simply requires some time and proper planning)


@loginerror pointed me to this post a few days ago when I was writing my own about how Forum Moderation could help, and I share @VirajN’s frustration. Since I joined a couple of weeks ago, I can only address the present - but some users seem to be unwilling to learn, and even worse - think that they are entitled to a solution.

The following post can be seen as an archetype of the issue:

OP asks a question, that question is answered. Now he or she expects a finished solution over trying to get the issue sorted on their own.


@andrzej.kniola created an etiquette on How to ask a good question:

What we are trying to figure out is how to make it more visible.

For example, if we add this by default in every topic I assume it helps new members but how annoying will it be for regulars? - this is an example, I am sure there are other ways to make it visible.

We are in the research phase of Forum redesign (both in terms of design and functionality) but this cannot be implemented in a few days for example. The impact would be in multiple directions and we want to make sure we cover most of the best practices to help members and moderators/admins along without causing confusion (not saying there isn’t confusion right now :smile:).

This is more about respecting and appreciating that a fellow member voluntarily took the time to answer (even if it’s not a solution, but more of a guidance/starting point to achieve the so wanted solution).


Having good guidelines is one thing, making sure they are followed another. Stack Overflow allows members with a certain credibility to up- and down-vote questions (and answers), this definitely helps - but even this can be intimidating for new users.

It is hard to strike a balance, and we appreciate your efforts. Yet I think that we all can agree that this forum should be a place to learn and grow, and not a code writing service.


That is true!


Part of our responsibility as members of the community is to continuously guide new users along their learning path and remind them what our values are.

As @ovi mentioned, those values need to be visible enough from the start, but it is not possible to stay true to them without commitment of everyone.

In the case as above, a gentle nudge towards those values would be best. I’m personally against openly showing frustration as I find it simply counter productive.

In the end, our goal is to have a community that is lively and boils with engagement and passion. It’s the most genuine way to show newcomers what we stand for. If they chose to stay blind to it, their topics will simply stay unanswered.


You are making your points on uipath forum nothing else.
How can i merge some one else code into my module ? common sense
Rather than pretending to be good to others it is better to answer someone question rather than giving suggestion?
For learning prospective uipath documentation is far more enough but some time developers need a straight forward answer because of project deadline. this is not a professional approach to hit someone directly on the forum by saying do some work then come to us etc. the way you are replying on developer question literally i dnt want to post question on uipath again because of your behavior. is this the correcting way of learning than it is better for me to do it by myself by wasting much of my time on experiments rather than posting question and find the straight forward and correct solution that would save time.and One last thing everyone come to this forum for learning and solution.@redlynx82

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If someone comes with a question / doubt regarding anything on UiPath shouldn’t they also be able to tell what are the steps they have already performed to save everyone’s time?

How has @redlynx82 misbehaved here? He just shared his thoughts.

I firmly believe that “Your best teacher is your last mistake”. We should always try new things, fail & do mistakes. And finally once your have exhausted all your options then come to the forum to ask the question along with the steps that you have already performed. I am sure everyone will be more than happy to help you out.

Time is a precious commodity. My time is as precious as yours. If you are not willing to put time in solving your problems why should I spend my time?


I think that we should remove the count of solutions provided from the stats in the profile page of the user. Lot of people (including me at times) share the .xaml file instead of explaining how we solved a challenge just increase the count of solutions provided. Once this is taken away most of count seekers will shy away from giving xaml files and only the people who genuinely want to help will stay active.

Thoughts? @loginerror @ovi @redlynx82 @neonova @Jan_Brian_Despi @anil5 @nadim.warsi


Why does the count of solutions matter? I did not even know there is such a field and now, that I know, I will still ignore it…