Has Failed In Uiard exam

Hi All,

Hope you all doing well. I’m sharing my experience of Uipath UIard exam. recently i have given the UiArd exam but got failed with 69%. whoever going to give exam please go through the documentation carefully and read question very careful before select answer. I prefer go through some practical training. From uipath side at least they should provide some Appreciation certificate with how much we scored in exam that will more for encourage the developers for try again.

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Veeraraj S


don’t give up try for next time. All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Veera_Raj Don’t afraid, failure is not fatal. Its courage to continue that with more strength.
Hope for best. Attempt one more time

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Hi Veera,

Did you read the following and take some of the practice exams? They are useful to help you know what to expect?

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yeah i have already practiced with that , but that’s all are not much improved , if uipath improve more in practice test it will be very useful

Thats fair to say. I already made a topic a while back asking them to provide a better feedback loop in the practice tests. The fact it doesnt even tell you the answer you picked when reviewing the answers makes it extremely hard to learn from any questions you may get incorrectly. It does not serve its purpose particuarly well in my opinion.

I’m not sure what else to suggest except gaining more experience and/or studying more.

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Hi veeraraj

Did they provide your UiPath advance RPA certificate
Or You got the certificate even after failing exam and if you i got what mention in certificate

Hi veeraraj

Did they provide your UiPath advance RPA certificate
Or You got the certificate even after failing exam and if you i got what mention in certificate

No , i got nothing from UiPath.
The exam is organised by Pearson veu so UiPath can’t do anything

If you refer to the ‘Advanced’ badge he has then that is simply related to finishing the academy course. This can be done by simply clicking through the slides so its not a particularly meaningful ‘certificate’ to get.

The exam by Pearson Vue is something you must pay for (and can fail) and you get an industry recognized qualification if you pass.

Hello UiPath community, want to share also my experiance.
Today I took the test and failed at 69% which is quite frustrating …

Must say that I waited 1 hour to start the exam, becouse they could not see me on the Webcam (internet connection from home was at 700+ Mb/s) and I had to restart the check in for about 3 times … Very bad experiance :frowning:

Questions are hard and confusing, pictures not that high quality, but that is it after calculating all the precentage I failed at 69,6… % Maybe nextime.

Hi Zoltan ,
same thing happened with me , just never give up . I got passed on my second attempt.
This all form Pearson Vue, they are only organizer for this exam .
All the best for further.

Is there a specific feedback point you are suggesting to improve Zoltan?

I suggested above that they improve the feedback cycle of the questions, had you tried the practice exam? It should have given you an idea of what to expect and Pearson Vue also show you an example test.

May I ask what you wanted different? I am not a fan of Pearson Vue but don’t see any constructive feedback UiPath could act on here?

Hello @Jon_Smith,
yes I did the academy learning courses and also the test exam multiple times with a passing score. (72%, 86%, 98%) I know that they state that passing the test exam does not ensure to pass the real exam. As an advice this is really true !!

Well there was a struggle from PearsonVue they could not see me on the camera, which i could not understand why, and it was frustrating to wait that long (almost an hour), become slightly exam nervous. :expressionless:

As a feedback well, questions with pictures is hard to have an overview and must scroll the page by dragging the scroll bar, for me scrolling with the mouse did not work. Can lose focus of the overal question. Picture quality is not that high, maybe they could improve that.

Overall it was “oky ish”, but they could improve, and also make the test exam harder because it is way easier as the real exam, I’m used to take harder test exams as the real ones… :slight_smile:

BR Zoltán

Sounds like you got unlucky with a technical issue. I remember them being fussy with me as my head wasn’t centered as I leant on my elbow during my exam and fussing that I was reading the questions out loud to myself in a whisper.
They can be taken in person, perhaps that could benefit you.

I don’t recall there being any issues with the picture quality nor any page dragging so that is unfortunate, it was a couple of years since I passed though so perhaps they changed it.

Good point on making the practice harder, I think it would also be great to give some more variety in the questions.