Has Failed In Uiard exam

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Hope you all doing well. I’m sharing my experience of Uipath UIard exam. recently i have given the UiArd exam but got failed with 69%. whoever going to give exam please go through the documentation carefully and read question very careful before select answer. I prefer go through some practical training. From uipath side at least they should provide some Appreciation certificate with how much we scored in exam that will more for encourage the developers for try again.

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Veeraraj S


don’t give up try for next time. All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Veera_Raj Don’t afraid, failure is not fatal. Its courage to continue that with more strength.
Hope for best. Attempt one more time

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Hi Veera,

Did you read the following and take some of the practice exams? They are useful to help you know what to expect?

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yeah i have already practiced with that , but that’s all are not much improved , if uipath improve more in practice test it will be very useful

Thats fair to say. I already made a topic a while back asking them to provide a better feedback loop in the practice tests. The fact it doesnt even tell you the answer you picked when reviewing the answers makes it extremely hard to learn from any questions you may get incorrectly. It does not serve its purpose particuarly well in my opinion.

I’m not sure what else to suggest expect gaining more experience and/or studying more.