Has anyone tried reading the "Symantec" code from Genymotion

I am trying to read the “Symantec” dynamic code from Genymotion which is changing in every 30secs

Can anyone please suggest how to read the text here?

Hi @rita.kumari

Use Get OCR TExt activity and try

Ashwin S

Thanks @AshwinS2 for your reply . I already tried it but the result is not accurate. It’s returning some gibberish characters in between.

hi @rita.kumari

Are you able to identify the code through aaname property in UiExplorer

Ashwin S


You could try get visible text but there needs to be a selector and might need to use matches with a regex pattern to get the correct 6 digits.

No. Looks like It is not able to identify that particular text and taking the entire page.

I tried these
“Get Text” : Giving error as “Video text is not supported”.
“Get Visible Text” and “Get Full Text”: Returning empty values.
“Get OCR Text”: result is not accurate.

maybe try screen scraping and look at the results might be a way to get the 6 digits from the ouput.


Looks like you are trying to automate a website where in you are trying to read the Symantec code from the Genymotion Page which is dynamic.

As you said, when you try to use any data extraction activity, entire page is being selected as a whole.

Is it that the page or the region where the code is there, is an Image?

Yes, It’s an image. Directly I am not able to select the “Symantec code” area. In the “Get OCR text” activity I am selecting the code area using F3 button but that’s not returning the correct value. Still trying to find a solution to get the accurate value.


Thanks for your inputs.

As you said, considering entire application window to be an image and the accuracy of the extracted data is intermittent, all you can do it try to play around with image automation.

Try the following:-

  1. Get OCR text, playing around with the property panel.
  2. try to use different OCR engine
  3. try to use different accuracy ranges and check the output in message box

You can use the unit testing to run only this part and check the variable in the message box.
Once you get the appropriate output using certain combination, try to create another test case(Symantec code) and try to run this unit which worked fine the first time.

This is the only approach I can think off.

@KarthikByggari, @Palaniyappan, can you suggest if you have anything else ?

Thanks and Regards,

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Did we try with CV GET TEXT from computer vision activities
Cheers @rita.kumari

I will try this. Thanks for the suggestion. @Palaniyappan

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Sure, i will try this. Thanks

Were we able to get them
Cheers @rita.kumari