Has anyone integrated a Pandorabot with UiPath RPA?

I am wondering if anyone has connected a Pandorabot chatbot with UiPath. I have a customer who is already using UiPath RPAs to retrieve sale info from a database. They want to allow certain internal employees to query the chatbot using regular language (natural language) in order to send a trigger to a particular RPA to retrieve a certain financial or sales related figure from a database.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


hi @2andy,
There is one solution please find whether is it feasible or not.
Try using node js has a bridge between pandorabot and orchestrator.
Node js integration with pandorabot please refer this link: GitHub - pandorabots/pb-node: Pandorabots API module for Node.js
and node js can send and retrieve data via orchestrator queue.

1)Employees to query with chatbot in pandorabot via node and based on your logic and node can trigger the robot via orchestrator and get back the data and pass it to the chatbot .

Hope it helps!!!