Has anyone created a process using only one REFramework?

Hi Forum,

I have a process that navigates through SAP and then hits ctrl + s a couple times until the process is done.

To me, using a REFramework with a dispatcher and performer configuration would just be overkill for something like this.

So I was thinking that I could just use one REFramework. But when I tried this on my own, I keep on running into issues in Get Transaction Data portion of the framework.

Have you tried doing something like this successfully in the past? How did you do it?


If your process simply hits ctrl+s a few times and doesnt read from any data source, i think you can completely skip the “get transaction data” state and just go straight to “Process” state

How do you skip transaction data?

You can just pass a constant value to the transaction. Like 1

And then create a loop inside my Process.xaml?

Yes you can do that

So I was thinking of that at first but then I figured that there will eventually be a whole lot of unprocessed items on my Orchestrator. Any ideas on how to avoid that?