Has anyone a model for marketing communication (Brochures) for new prospects?

Has anyone any advice or models for producing content for a marketing brochure for RPA UIPath, please?

I ask because obviously RPA is a sensitive issue and in current climes I would like to strike the right notes as a micro-SME? Automation will reduce workloads and replace tiers of people, yet provide a lowering of production costs in service industries to enable competition with lower-cost countries, thus ensuring the sustainability of high-cost economies? The question is, has anyone started a “Best Practice” in the complex selling process?

Any help would be gratefully received?
Many thanks,

I can’t share much with you as it’s company property but please feel free to browse our site at www.symphonyhq.com where you’ll see many of the additional benefits of RPA.

In my experience companies are operating at near or full capacity and I have seen very few instances of large numbers of people being replaced.

On a webinar earlier today Guy Kirkwood (UiPath) made a great point that in many countries the overall working population numbers are decreasing, so this combined with natural attrition (retirement etc) means that there are still many jobs and tasks needed to fill.

Additionally, some of the RPA is creating new jobs, i.e. look at this new data we have now, let’s address this problem that we didn’t even know we had.