🥳 Happy Anniversary UiPath Learner, Virtual Party! 🎉

FUN-FIVE-YEAR-TASTIC! :clock5: :clock5: :clock5: :clock5: :clock5: :partying_face: :tada: :piñata: :mirror_ball: :person_raising_hand:

Congratulations to one and all! The creators, the organizers, the moderators, the visitors, the MVPs, the Company, and countless more visible and invisible that have made this community so successful and vibrant! The Academy drove us to learn and be RPA Practitioners, post questions, solutions, bugs, suggestions and feedbacks.

As with everyone here, brings back a lot of memories of my own!

Andy Menon


UiPath Academy was a great resource in pre-learning the product before beginning to use it professionally. I am a “youngling” in terms of UiPath, but versed in other RPA products. While the general RPA knowledge made for a good foundation, the specific UiPath training enabled a better understanding of the UiPath product.

With RPA in general, I started with very basic CMD/VisualBasic/Powershell “automations”, and Android automation apps, on what I could get automated. Through my professional employment, I began using a true RPA product, and later began using UiPath.

This youngling is still discovering!

Many classes left to pursue… the surface is merely scratched!


I was with RPA since 2 years before UiPath Academy was launched and had to train myself in UiPath as it slowly growing at that time making its space in the top 3 board. UiPath Academy lessons and modules helped a quickly get up to speed there as till then I was primarily working with other RPA tools.
I have finished some really good courses in the UiPath Academy platform and hope to grow more with the new features and capabilities those are introduced daily in UiPath.


Happy Anniversary Uipath
wish to continue to learn more .and to have more successful together


UiPath has been gamechanger in the RPA space. When our Organization decided to embark on RPA we shortlisted UiPath and from there there was no looking back. The UiPath academy was so simple an made a citizen developer like me to understand RPA in depth.

The amount of content covered in these courses were truly overwhelming and any person who wanted to start on RPA could just go through the courses and can become proficient.

Keep rocking UiPath Team!!!


Ui Path academy has been a blessing, the academy has helped thousands of tech enthusiast across globe enhance the automation skills.

I have been one among them, post completing my UiPath academy certifications in Diploma in Business Analyst RPA, Diploma in RPA Awareness Training, Presales Foundation for Ui Path Partners and Sales foundation in Ui Path Partners, has enabled my confidence level to speak more efficiently to clients and prospects.

Being in Sales & Marketing, the Ui Path academy has been a boon to me for up skilling my knowledge.

Thanks UiPath Academy and Happy Anniversary


Dear team,
Congratulations to all

Best regards,


Hi Academy Team,

I am extremely happy to Wish you Happy Anniversary to the Uipath Academy. Many more years to come and Automate the world.

I always Cherish that i am the First Customer of Uipath and my association with Uipath. The love for listening to help on customer Need will make many wonders to Uipath.

All the Best


UiPath academy is best!!Happy 5th anniversary our beloved uipath academy!


I started learning in the UiPath Academy in 2018 - Developer Level 1!
“Back then” there was only Studio, Robot and On-Premise Orchestrators, can you believe it?!

Now we have this huge automation flywheel full of great products and services. And UiPath is still going through the roof in terms of innovation :rocket:
No way I could’ve kept up with this pace if not for the Academy!

CHEERS! :partying_face: And Congratulations to the team!


I met with UiPath in September of 2018.
I had just graduated from Computer Science and I was looking for a job then I took a job offer that I have never heard.
And that was the RPA Developer with UiPath.
Honestly, that was not job of my dreams and I planned it to use as a step for my carreer. I was pretty sure I would change job ASAP.
Then I started to take courses in academy and I’m fascinated by the idea behind UiPath.
So, In summary I can easily say UiPath Academy is changed my carreer.
I developed more processes than I can count , many people thanked me and I felt like a superhero many times.
-So it’s kinda I am Thor and UiPath is my Mjolnir :slight_smile:
Last of all, I know there is more adventure of RPA that will lead by UiPath.
And I have already took my seat,I’m looking forward to it.


Hi Team,

Many Many wishes on the 5 year completion.
I came across UIPath when in 2018 my manager asked me to mentor a team of developers on this tool.
The journey started from there and i came to know how beautifully and smoothly UIPath works. The Automation capability is limitless with this tool and it helps one to increase its knowledge base pretty well.

Kudos and lets continue to grow more.


Thanks for sharing your story @Ratish_Dharmarajan


Thanks, @f.ince94 Great to hear you automated uncountable processes - I would love to speak to you and understand if you would like to share your knowledge with wider community and by participating in diff program we have


Happy Anniversary!!!

Congratulations for all!
The best online academy journey!

I met RPA in March 2019 and the Academy was the best assistant in order to improve my knowledge!

Thanks for the amazing courses!
Keep it up!



Yes, I would love to share my knowledge and experiences if has any chance.

As Toni Morrison say;

  • If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else :v:

Congratulations to all of us…Happy 5th Anniversary. :heart_eyes:

I Started my Career as a Trainee and Join the MNC in August 2021.
Now i am becoming the Professional RPA Developer by learning from the Uipath Acadamy.
Thanks for all the Contents and Good people to help me in the UiPath Forum.
Its Pleasure to be here.

Ganesh Dongre


Happy 5th Anniversary to Uipath!

I started my uipath journey in 2018, learnt all about uipath through academy. The courses were so elaborate and it made my journey easier. My one stop destination for all my doubts is always uipath forum. I have never seen such helping and quick resposive forum for a product.

I have seen how uipath has grown with so many products and functionalities now.

Happy to be part of this with all of you! :smile:



I have gone through many websites related to different software and applications but the one which I inspired and liked a lot was UiPath academy which lets us know the product end-to-end with complete hands-on experience.

This academy helped me a lot in my initial stage of learning UiPath. The most recommended website for all beginners.

Happy Anniversy :tada::robot:


Welcome to the Uipath community :partying_face: