🥳 Happy Anniversary UiPath Learner, Virtual Party! 🎉

Happy Anniversary

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Great going UiPath :slight_smile:

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Happy anniversary, I’m retaking the new courses in the academy to be up to date!
Happy Automation!!!

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Happy anniversary UiPath Academy :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

All the best in the years to come :

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Happy Anniversary UiPath Academy :partying_face:

Thanks to UiPath Academy! It taught me the basics and the advanced topics which became my foundation on where I am today!

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I’ve always considered the Academy as a huge reason why UiPath has become so successful. By offering easy to use training at zero cost you really made it easy for developers, such as myself, to learn the capabilities of your software and pitch ideas to license more of your product. This combined with your Community edition has been a slam dunk!

Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!

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I’ve joined the academy while ago. I’ve learned a lot and there even more waiting to learn about. Hope to reach the advanced level. Wish me luck :smiley:

Congratulations on your 5 years anniversary. More years to come.

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Its been five years, I am too late to the game… I need to catch up fast

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:part_alternation_mark: :partly_sunny: I only recently discovered UiPath and what a wonderful piece of technology this is indeed, I am certain I will be making use of this technology for the foreseeable future.

Deserving of a party indeed!

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Thanks to UiPath Academy! It taught me the basics and the advanced topics which became my foundation on where I am today!

Congratulations and Happy 5th Anniversary UiPath Academy!

I appreciate that so much quality content is free and products can be tested completely free to test them.

My first experience with UiPath Academy was in 2021.

UiPath academy is my best UiPath platform, it helped my at the beginning of everything in UiPath and RPA, this also helps a lot my team mates to reach their projects with the best practices and techniques.




I have start my automation from academy because in my organization we are the first one who adapt RPA UiPath So definitely Academy is first mentor that helps me to enhance & build my carrier so i’m grateful for UiPath & academy to help build my carrier

I achieved foundation level to solution architect level training from here and also achieve most prestigious recognition award by our CEO

So thanks @uipath for my bright carrier

I am happy to be a first 100,000 users.
UiPath Academy is such a simple and excellent learning platform. I have started to learn everything from our Academy website only.

Thank you, UiPath Academy!

It was an amazing journey with UiPath, i find that UiPath Academy is the best resource to learn on all the topics of UiPath, and the community that UiPath created is helpful for all the developers who can have access to all the mind storming challenges that other developers face across the globe,

This journey should be continued!

Happy Anniversary UiPath!!!

Happy anniversary

¡feliz aniversario!

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Congratulations and Happy 5th Anniversary UiPath Academy

I started learning UiPath in 2018 and couldn’t have done it without the help of UiPath Academy. Back then i was able to secure the UiPath developer certification also with the help of the academy.

It has always helped me stay uptodate with technology.

Keep up the great work!

Congratulations to all of us! Happy Anniversary

Congratulations on a well-deserved milestone!