🥳 Happy Anniversary UiPath Learner, Virtual Party! 🎉

Congratulations to all of us…Happy 5th Anniversary. :heart_eyes:

I Started my Career as a Trainee and Join the MNC in August 2021.
Now i am becoming the Professional RPA Developer by learning from the Uipath Acadamy.
Thanks for all the Contents and Good people to help me in the UiPath Forum.
Its Pleasure to be here.

Ganesh Dongre


Happy 5th Anniversary to Uipath!

I started my uipath journey in 2018, learnt all about uipath through academy. The courses were so elaborate and it made my journey easier. My one stop destination for all my doubts is always uipath forum. I have never seen such helping and quick resposive forum for a product.

I have seen how uipath has grown with so many products and functionalities now.

Happy to be part of this with all of you! :smile:



I have gone through many websites related to different software and applications but the one which I inspired and liked a lot was UiPath academy which lets us know the product end-to-end with complete hands-on experience.

This academy helped me a lot in my initial stage of learning UiPath. The most recommended website for all beginners.

Happy Anniversy :tada::robot:


Welcome to the Uipath community :partying_face:


Welcome to the Uipath community :partying_face:


Happy anniversary UiPath Academy!

I started using the Academy platform around three years ago during onboarding as an UiPath newjoiner. Since then both the product and the Academy have gone a long way! Keep up the good work! :partying_face:



One of the succes stories of UiPath is its academy. The competing products did not / still do not offer such easy access to learning resources with structured courses for each role. Gamification of the platform is not overdone and continues to motivate developers to finish courses they started.

Certification or diplomas are great, but the main selling point of the academy courses are its ability to convey both simple and complex approaches of using the UiPath suite of products, while also teaching RPA best practices.

The amount of developers in the UiPath ecosystem is a testiment to the success of UiPath academy. UiPath academy has democratized RPA education. I still remember sitting and working out the developer and advanced courses and wondering, creating such courses must take a lot of time and effort.

I also thank all customers of UiPath who unknowlingly have subsidized UiPath academy for thousands of curious minds.

My wishes for the future:

  1. As a publically traded company, investors need to be continually informed about the importance of UiPath academy and the possible customer conversion it has achieved. Not to forget its role in increasing the developer base for UiPath.
  2. I wish UiPath continues to invest actively in the academy (although not a product). It is offcourse one of the golden gooses UiPath has.

I congratulate the entire UiPath academy team on their success. :tada:


Happy Anniversary UiPath Academy! :slight_smile:

Definitely come a long way since those first few courses and have helped masses of people globally :slight_smile: Looking forward to the future ! :tada:


Happy Anniversary Uipath Academy.

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Happy 5th Anniversary UiPath. I have spent countless hours going through all the tutorials you have as well as learning new things. Hope to stay with this community for a long time

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Happy Anniversary

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Great going UiPath :slight_smile:

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Happy anniversary, I’m retaking the new courses in the academy to be up to date!
Happy Automation!!!

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Happy anniversary UiPath Academy :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

All the best in the years to come :

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Happy Anniversary UiPath Academy :partying_face:

Thanks to UiPath Academy! It taught me the basics and the advanced topics which became my foundation on where I am today!

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I’ve always considered the Academy as a huge reason why UiPath has become so successful. By offering easy to use training at zero cost you really made it easy for developers, such as myself, to learn the capabilities of your software and pitch ideas to license more of your product. This combined with your Community edition has been a slam dunk!

Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!

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I’ve joined the academy while ago. I’ve learned a lot and there even more waiting to learn about. Hope to reach the advanced level. Wish me luck :smiley:

Congratulations on your 5 years anniversary. More years to come.

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Its been five years, I am too late to the game… I need to catch up fast

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:part_alternation_mark: :partly_sunny: I only recently discovered UiPath and what a wonderful piece of technology this is indeed, I am certain I will be making use of this technology for the foreseeable future.

Deserving of a party indeed!

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Thanks to UiPath Academy! It taught me the basics and the advanced topics which became my foundation on where I am today!