🥳 Happy Anniversary UiPath Learner, Virtual Party! 🎉

:partying_face: Hi all, and Happy Anniversary!!

This month we celebrate 5 years of UiPath Academy!

Five years ago, the UiPath Academy was launched. For the RPA world, this became the first educational program openly offering training and certification. :open_book:

Let’s celebrate the achievement of growing together the Academy to 1.2 Mil. users and 900+ courses in 10 languages! :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia: :globe_with_meridians:

Having reached this milestone, we are very excited and curios to understand about your journey.

Tell us more about:

  • How did UiPath Academy influence you and your automation journey?

  • How did you start?

  • What were your achievements and challenges?

  • How do you envision your future learning journey with us?

:writing_hand: Leave us a testimonial, celebrate with us and you will earn an anniversary badge for this special occasion:

Together we are leading the next generations towards a better future, and for this we are very thankful for your all contributions. :pray:

Happy Anniversary to all of you and keep on learning! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

The UiPath Academy & Community Teams :hugs:


I have been following the Academy page since the first day and I congratulate you.

I appreciate that so much quality content is free and products can be tested completely free to test them.

As someone who has also used other competing RPA tools, I can see how the tutorials make a difference and how other tools emulate this approach.

The biggest impact for me has been to easily experience each new feature with tutorials.

Thanks for everything.



UiPath Academy is so so perfect that it prepares you to land your first RPA job so so easily. I completed my training on UiPath and it made the path for me to explore more RPA tools but when it comes to the base then all the credits go to UiPath Academy for developing such an amazing course. I keep on exploring new releases by UiPath and go for their new courses that are there and I am also planning to complete the certification too.


UiPath academy has made a great impact on my learning journey. Lot of free content available and can easily be accessible. Someone who would be new to UiPath could easily access the courses from the UiPath Academy and get certified.I always keep an eye on the new releases of UiPath courses and new features added to it.
I congratulate UiPath Academy for completing 5 years.



My first experience with UiPath Academy was in January/February 2020.

Since that time I have already noticed that the proposed content was excellent and also very well organized. And today I realize that everything has been constantly improving.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank everyone at UiPath who makes this possible. :clap::clap::clap:

Everything I’ve learned at UiPath Academy has helped me get UiARD and UiRPA certifications, create challenging automations, get better jobs and contribute a little here at the UiPath Community Forum.

Whenever someone comes to me interested in learning RPA, I recommend UiPath and say that the UiPath Academy is the first stop to start learning. :grin:

Happy Anniversary!! :partying_face:


I started my career as RPA developer in 2018, my Manager asked me to study all UiPath courses, I was the only RPA developer at that moment since they wanted to open a new division for automation. Being the first RPA developer, at that moment I struggled, I couldn’t find someone to ask questions at my company until I found out about the community, a very active and helpful community, I had answers for every question, ended up being part of this amazing community :slight_smile:

Thank you UiPath!


First of all Happy anniversary !! UiPath academy (More to GO)

UiPath academy is so simplified , right on point with perfect courses and tutorials where it helps to prepare an individual to start his RPA Career.

This was a starting/ Stepping stone for me to explore and learn about UIPATH.

I have learned a lot from the academy which helped me to create simple/complex automations to Client and also has helped me to contribute some of my learning to the FORUM community.

Thank you UiPath :slight_smile:


Hello UiPath Academy,

great, since five years you have been successfully on the road, congratulations.    :partying_face:

The UiPath Academy with its courses was a crucial key for me to access RPA in general and UiPath in particular. I started with the entry-level courses and then specialized more and more - except when I was curious and particularly interested in something. For me achievements in this context means gaining knowledge, which I had with every course. As I became more professional, I attended the UiPath Academy less and less. For me the presentations of news and use cases in the webinars are very important now, to learn how and where the road goes.

In any case, thank you very much to the team of the UiPath Academy and for all your efforts. Without you I would certainly not be where I am now.

Best regards


Happy Anniversary,

UiPath Academy has always been a learning platform and the secret behind most of the developers success.

It helped me out to overcome all the hardships, anyone new to UiPath can easily access it without any difficulty, the crisp and clear documentations and videos with example provided by uipath makes the concepts to understand more better and can be implemented very easily.

Thanks UiPath for all the Support :blush:.


Happy anniversary UiPath Academy :confetti_ball::tada::robot:

UiPath academy is one of the best platform to learn UiPath. It helps me a lot to learn UiPath during my initial stages. It contains lot of quality content and it’s free and we can easily access it. I would suggest this platform to all the beginners who want to learn UiPath.


Happy birthday :birthday: :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle:

Thank you, UiPath Academy. With you, we started UiPATH RPA. You are the companion by our side as we continue our education.

In the 5 years, you have grown a lot and we see you growing more and more. If you also had smaller bites for us, then we would come along a bit easier. But without you, we would be lost.


Hi happy aniversary UiPath!

UiPath academy is my best UiPath platform, it helped my at the beginning of everything in UiPath and RPA, this also helps a lot my team mates to reach their projects with the best practices and techniques.



Uipath academy has made my career and shaped my life path.

Uipath academy the best one no words to describe how useful it was to me!!

Happyth Anniversary!! :partying_face:


Hello Team,

Congratulations to all of us… Happy Anniversary :heart_eyes:

One of the best source to achieve the biggest dream…

Thanks a lot for this amazing journey!

I started my career as RPA developer in june-2021. The place where I started my journey as a Developer.

Once again Thanks for the amazing Courses, Content, Certifications, Problems and Solutions :champagne: :champagne:



Happy 5th year anniversary UiPath Academy
A great step forward for us all, so much effort and continuous improvement.
Special congratulations to UiPath Academy team.


Congratulations and Happy 5th Anniversary UiPath Academy! :partying_face: :bouquet:

The UiPath Academy was very vital for me build my foundations using the RPA Foundations course. Getting the basics right and building a strong knowledge in UiPath was impossible without the Academy when I started learning UiPath back in 2017. Back then it was just Foundations Level 1, 2 and 3 along with a course on the Orchestrator, now UiPath platform has grown exponentially in turn having same amount of growth in the Academy courses. Thanks Academy team for constantly improving the courses and taking external feedback to improve, keep up the great work! :rocket:



Happy 5th year anniversary UiPath Academy
It is a pleasure for me to follow all the Courses.
Keep it up. :tada:


Already ?! Happy 5th Anniversary UiPath Academy :star_struck: :tada:

Back in 2019, I had an interview on an internship as RPA Consultant. That’s when I discovered for the first time the term “RPA”. When I succeded all the recruitment steps, my manager asked to become operational asap. As there was none that was technically able to help me on the subject, I had to rely on the internet. Thank God the academy and forum existed. It helped and is still helping me so much !
I wanted to clear all the courses (level 1, 2, 3 and the 2 step-certifications for the old ones :joy:) because it was so fun and interesting. It was so satisfying to see the circles getting full, and everything becoming green step by step.

The hardest time for me was to come back every year on the academy and see that the updates changed my course advancement.

And I would like to keep learning more on the other interesting products. It would be great to have some intensive operational internships on several days on some products done by product managers at UiPath, for instance on testing suite & mobile automation !

The path to learn is still a long way, so bear with me UiPath Academy ! :motorway:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Happy Anniversary :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
celebrate **5 years of UiPath Academy!

Instead of 5 years I have very happy and proud to be with 4 years continually with UiPath academy. I was started with Zero and when i look back my achievement its almost the academy that help me to become on this position.

UiPath Academy helps you to become form ZERO to HERO

THE PERSON WHO HAVE THIRST WITH KNOWLEDGE AND LERNING , I recommended that this is the heaven for them :gift_heart: :gift_heart:

And UiPath Academy is never ending loop for me :wink: , every day i am with it
LEARN LERN AND LEARN Result is now where are u now …