HandyML solution: machine learning for non experts

Hi everyone!

I want to share with you what I (and a colleague) made for UiPath PowerUp Automation Hackathon.

We built a solution allowing non machine learning experts to make predictions from a simple Excel spreadsheet. It’s pretty straightforward and it’s divided in 2 front office robots:

  • HandyML Trainer, to train your model on your data and save it
  • HandyML Predictor, to make predictions on new data using the generated model

Note that you’ll find in the solution some examples to help you with formatting your data.

You can find here a step-by-step video: link.
And the solution is available on UiPath Go! Marketplace here: link.

Feel free to comment and give us some feedback! We hope you’ll appreciate our work! :slight_smile:




Sorry for late response, but excellent work @Masire. I really liked the idea and implementation. I hope you won the prize. Hire a PR agency - this needs more promotion :wink: