Handwriting on Health Documents

I am trying to pull out the date signed on a template document that has been filled in by hand, but sometimes it pulls the data, and sometimes it doesn’t. I am using Microsoft OCR, and tried it with Tesseract as well, but it took a very long time with tesseract with similar results.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can you try OmniPage OCR?


Thank you. I have it working now on a single document, but even after creating multiple templates, I cannot get it to consistently recognize the data. I have the same base document that I have created 6 different versions of and it will only pull in the data correctly on 1 of the 6. Any other suggestions?


are you using the Form Extractor?
can you please provide the workflow with a couple of samples (one that works and one that doesn’t work)?
if yes, please zip the entire project (including the .local folder) so that I can see the template defined.