Hands-On RPA Challenges ( InputForms, ShortestPath, MovieSearch, InvoiceExtration )


I recently came across with a great resource provided by UiPath for learning purposes which is the following website: http://rpachallenge.com/

The website contains 4 challenges:

  • Input Forms
  • Shortest Path
  • Movie Search
  • Invoice Extraction

I checked all the “challenges”, it seems that Input Forms and Invoice Extraction are okay. However, I honestly don’t understand what’s all about the Shortest Path and Movie Search challenges. Are they functional? I mean, can we actually do the tasks written on instructions?

I ask this because on Shortest Path I don’t see any red point marked on the map (instruction 2) and on the Movie Search challenge, if I click “Get Popular Movies” I don’t get any results. Also on that one, when I click on the name of the movie on “My Movie List” it doesn’t show anything. Also, the text contained on the movie are synopsis, not reviews.

It’s my impression or those two challenges are not updated and not functional?
Could you give some insight @badita?


I wish UiPath crew could make more of these!

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Both work for me, what browser are you using? try clearing any cache etc.

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I tried on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE… can’t see anything! For example, do you confirm that on “ShortestPath” you can see the RED and GREEN points on the map? Also, when you click GetPopularMovies on “MovieSearch”, do you receive any list with popular movies?

I have checked on Chrome and IE.

Attached are screenshots of me accessing them just now in IE.

As i mentioned, try clearing any cache from the browsers and see if that helps


Thanks, it seems that it’s a network issue. Can’t access.

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