Handling multiple pathways in UI results

I have an application where upon performing a query, it can either 1) throw an error message in status bar indicating no data found or 2) open a new page with the queried detail (& do activity B)

if i use image/element appear/vanish activity, it would time out when looking for A but B appears and vice-versa ?

is pick activity the right construct to handle the 2 possible outcome ? or is there any other better way to handle this scenario ?


You can use Element Exists Activity and indicate any element on the new page if query gave any results. This activity will give output as Boolean value. If it’s give true then Data exists else no data found.

@lakshman - In case of no results the message appears in the status bar of the same query page, but when results are returned, a new page is loaded.so in this case are you just suggesting that we check for presence of elements one by one Ex.1) first check for presence of status msg (even though we have navigated out of that page in case of returned data) , 2) if not check if the results page is loaded ?


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Yes here I suggested you to indicate next page element. It’s not existed that means it’s in same page with no data exists. In that case, what you want to do that thing write into Else part.

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