Handling large amounts of data

Hello, I have a robot which needs to do something with a value obtained from an excel sheet within a web browser. Each transaction would only take about 20-30 seconds, but the issue is the excel file is quite large ranging from 50k rows to 300k rows. How should I handle large data sets like this in UiPath? Best coding practice?

Note: ( Reading and manipulating is not the issue, it is that there are a large large number of transactions)

Hi @Will.truong09

Have you already tried Excel Application Scope to try and read just the values you need?

That’s the thing, the values I need are quite a bit, and the bot is reading them just fine, just the sheer size of the task the bot has to do is very long, and could make the bot run 24/7

This sounds like a task for multiple bots and queues of items. You would first run 1 process to load your items to a queue and then have another process that can be scheduled on multiple robots at the same time that would fetch those queue items and process them asynchronously.