Handling form error and inserting it in Excel sheet

Hi Team,
I am using StudioX for verification that weather it is useful for our testing or not and i am facing some problem in that.
I am filling the form and taking the data from excel file. if am not having any problem in excel data its running fine. but if I am getting any validation error in the form(eg. instead of text@gamil.com I am entering text#gmail.com) Studiox stops the process there itself but i want to put that error back in excel which I am not able to do please help me in that.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @Sandeep_Kumar3

You can use element exists activity and indicate the error message. After that, use get text activity to get the error message and store it in variable. So if the form throws an error, it will capture the message.

You can use write cell activity to write it in excel.