Handling error in a for each row activity with Workflow

Hi everyone,

I need some advice with a problem that I am facing.

I have a process that types some data from an excel and extracts resolutions from a webpage. I am trying to make the process reliable when the browser has problems.

I’ve build a workflow inserted in a for each row activity that scraps data using the current row. If in the workflow it through an error (try catch) it closes the browser and reopens it and in theory it supposed to type again the current row when the browser it’s reopened.

The problem is that it it’s not typing it. I also tried to put the current row in a variable but something it’s not good.

My objective is to handle browser problems when I am in the middle of a long file and I need to reopen it (login) and type again the row where it had the error.
Any ideas?

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EG: this is inside a for each row activity and use browser:

Hi @paul.baltag

You can use the following approaches according to your requirements:

  1. Consider using a “Retry Scope” activity to retry the portion of your workflow that interacts with the browser. This activity allows you to specify a number of retries and a timeout period between each retry. If the workflow encounters an error, it will automatically retry the activity until it succeeds, or until the maximum number of retries is reached. Within the “Retry Scope” activity, you can use a “Try Catch” activity to catch any exceptions that occur during the retry process and handle them accordingly.

  2. You can add a status column to the table for your internal process reference & take the current row based on the status updated. You can make changes to the status accordingly as per the exceptions you are throwing.

Thank you for your ideea. I will try.

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