Handling drop down with select item

Hello friends,
I am supposed to select a value from drop down, where another value will populate based on my selection.
I am able to select first value, but value is not populating in the next field.
Can any one advice more to proceed further…


If you are selecting any element manually from drop down list then value populating in other field and if same thing doing it from BOT then it’s not populating. Is it your query ?

Yes that’s what exactly happening .


Once item selected from drop down list and pass Enter hot key using Send Hotkey activity and then check it once.

Hi @cschevuri,

If you want to get values from a drop down, please try with Get Attribute. Hope this will help you.

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After placing hotkey activity, the drop down item is getting selected correctly, populated correct value in the next field, but the next other fields are disabled.
Actually, based the first item selection, it populates values in 2 or 3 more other fields, based on the first selected value.
Mine is stand alone application.

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For one of the application I did same way only and it’s working fine. We have to check that application once.

Hi @cschevuri

Here you can use two click activities one is click that drop down and second click activity click what value you want.If you want dynamic values please change the selectors in second click activity there you can pass variable.

click activity in properties panel click target inside click selector there you can pass which name you want.

Kommi Jeevan.

Thank you, i tried this option, but did not work.