Handle first line in output

Hi can anyone help in fixing the first line issue

Everytime I try to get the output in CSV I am getting the first row after header as

Cn anyone help

Hi @dipon1112000
check this link

hope this might help

Thank you but the first line is getting generated in the output file as I am using add data row so if this can be mitigated while generating then it will not show up in input

Hi @dipon1112000 again.

For your process, since it’s unstructured data, I believe you have separated few parts.
For the header / generate the data schema, you may follow below 2 steps. Then you could add data row to data table.

  1. Assign
    csvLines = File.ReadAllLines(“testExample.csv”).ToList()
    Variable type of csvLines is System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String>.
  2. Generate Data Table


Hi thank you but I am not using generate data table instead i am using Build Datatable

Can anyone help please :pray:

Hi @dipon1112000 , can you open and check in build datatable activity if there is any empty row? Click on x mark in first row…

Thank you for helping but I don’t have any empty row

Hi @dipon1112000. Can you share the xaml file to look into the issue?

Thank you for supporting but I cannot share the xaml as it’s in RDC but my input is identical to the example3

exaample3.txt (2.3 KB)

I tried but I am getting error as
Add Data Row Input arrey is longer than the number of columns in this data table

Can anyone suggest how to remove the first line from output as it’s coming as “,”

Hi @dipon1112000 . To remove only the first row, use remove data row where rowindex 0 means 1st row.
To remove rows with empty values for all columns, use filter datatable as below.
Hope it helps!

Thank you :pray: very much

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