Handle disconnection of a website during a download

Hi Everybody,

I’ve some struggle to find a solution or any solution to my problem.

In summary, i’ve to download a folder on a website (goind trought the use of a RPA Uipath Robot) For all the small file no problem but in the case of a huge file it’s take as supposed quite an amout of time.

The problem is, the website disconnect me after a while of innactivity and make the download fail.

I would like to find a way to tell my robot to click on the website every minute or second for exemple in order to maintain the connexion up or any other idea you may have.

thanks in advance for any advice you may have

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Hi @BaptisteG, use element exists to find some element that appears when the website gets disconnected, maybe an error message, and then use an IF condition to click to reload the website if it exists. You may also use a loop to check if an element exists, and while it does, you can click the Reload button or something similar with delays in between.


Can you share your sample screen that how you find that website is disconnected

You can Check Element Exists and check for every minute, But this will go endless loop

Hope this helps



Use “Do While” with the condition of download complete.
Inside the “Do While”:

  • Use a “Exists” activity to check for the pop-up/message of download complete (Timeout will define how often you will perform the action)
  • Use a click on a random element (or another action) to keep the website connected (Timeout = 0; ContinueOnError = True)

This will work if you can find a good action to keep the website connected.
Also, you should include a logic to exit the “while” after some time. For example: initiate a datetime variable [start_time] before the loop and add to the condition:

Not download_complete AND Now-start_time < wait_time

where “wait_time” is Timespan.

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