Handholding on first robot with Excel input and error handling

I’m new to UIForum, and managed to create my first little robot. I’m looking for someone that can guide me in reading an Excel sheet containing promotion details into certain fields in RMS (Java based app) and creating an output file with the promotion number created in the app.

I’ve started the training material but am still quite a bit away from the excel part.

Anyone willing to look at my bot and tell me where I am going wrong?

Thank you,

Welcome to uipath community
May I know what was the issue you were facing
Cheers @memrevh

I want to read the data from the Excel sheet and populate my fields.

I am able to do one, but now able to keep reading each line in my spreadsheet.

Hi @memrevh

Use read range activity and use for each row activity
Row in stable
Pass the values row (“column name”). ToString


I have:
Excel Application
Read Range: “Sheet1”
Build Data Table: Columns as per my Excel Sheet
For Each Row: ForEach |row| in blank box (is this my issue?)
Get Row Item: blank

Are the values there in sheet1 use add data row bind the values


How can I show you my Robot so you can maybe check where I’m going wrong?

@memrevh Can you specify or share the screen shot that where you are facing any error.

I managed to read the data.

Now i just have to figure out how to populate the read data in my Java Application in many fields.