Handel known pop up and messages

Hi all.
I am saving a transaction in SAP GUI.
Once I click on save, I may get a informative popup or Just status bar message.

If I get informative popup i need to click on OK and then read the status or only read the status message.
Currently I am using 2 element exists.
But it’s taking to much time for these steps.
Is there any alterative and efficient solution?

Have you tested the Pick / Pick Branch activities?

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it takes time because you probably left the Timeout property to 30s (default value):


So it waits 30s for the 1st Element Exists, before moving to the next.

If the popup appears quickly, then reduce the timout to 1 or 2 seconds (note that it’s expressed in milliseconds, so just write “1000” or “2000”).

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+1 for Pick / Pick Branch.

With this activity, you can check the Element Exists’s simultaneously.

Use two element exists and reduce timeout to 5s for both, should reduce your time drastically.

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