This is Regarding Our Project for a Hackathon.
We’re asked to do our projects in https://connect.uipath.com/marketplace
and Submit our final workflow on UiPath Marketplace.

Can anybody explain How to create project in marketplace?
and how to submit it!

My Search Results:

There is a option called “CREATING A COMPONENT”
Can anybody explain what is component?

And what is package and what is Source code?( whether source code means to main.xaml file?)

Whether we have to build our Project in studio and Upload it as component in marketplace?
If…so, How to provide link for our component?

A component is an add-on of sorts for UiPath. Usually this refers to a library of activities.

A package is the nupkg file you upload for others to use the component.

The source code is contained within the nupkg file. In other development instances, a package and the source code may be agnostic of one another, but not in this case.

A library can be built in Studio or in C#. You get more flexibility to develop libraries when you use C#, but you get more ease-of-use when doing it in Studio.

The link for your component will automatically be generated based on the package and details you’ve uploaded.

You can find a lot of details on how to upload to the marketplace here:

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