Guidewire ClaimCenter 9 Dropdown Selector Issues

Here are some of the main issues I have ran into while updating the selectors for our RPAs to the ClaimCenter 9 UI.

The first issue is clicking on the claims dropdown. The only way I could find for the dropdown to appear was to click on the right side of the line (the side with the arrow). The element with the arrow is not visible to UI Path, so we can’t use a selector to click this, instead we were forced to use click image.


The main issue with the UI are these dropdowns. Previously, we were able to use one of UI path’s activities to select the desired option. These no longer work since the dropdowns do not use the SELECT tag. Here is the difference between our RPAs for the two UIs:

Old UI:

cc7%20uipath%20activity !

New UI:

cc9%20uipath%20activity !

This second click is problematic as the selector can only be specific enough to choose the dropdown value by its name. UI path is sometimes able to still see a dropdown even after it disappears from the screen, which means that if any other dropdowns contain an option with the same name, the process could crash. I’ve tried typing into the box as well, but I have found that this causes the next action by the process to fail. The only way I have been able to get this to work is by making these two clicks to select the correct option. Here is an example of a selector for the second click:


The only piece of data more specific than the aaname is the element’s id, but every time the page is loaded, the element has a different id, which means we can’t use it.

Does anyone know any better ways of dealing with the dropdowns?

We are having similar issue when using Guidwire . It is only failing in prod environment. however, it has same selector element like QA value. Any suggestions?