Guide Bot to choose approach based on Website

Hi guys, I been working on a bot in quite new recently. I could really use some basic guidance for my working assignment.

My bot scenario was to look prices in and find hotel prices and compare (this process no problem). However the problem happens when the website change the to “Sold Out”. My bot cannot find the UI Element.

I place Flow Decision to guide bot to decide approach when Sold Out appear but I don’t know how to write the condition.

Plus, how to make bot able to identify the text “Sold Out” or “Available” in website. Would be appreciate for the help. My bot attached below:


@Aldrin_Pro, do you mind sharing your workflow?

Hy @Aldrin_Pro,

Please check the ‘Element Exists’ activity. It returns a boolean value (true / false). You can use this as a decision criteria


sure man, here Agoda.xaml (23.8 KB)

@Aldrin_Pro, after typing “mangala resort & spa” on the search button what is the bot supposed to do next, its broken, so i don’t understand what it was meant to do. maybe give me step by step process so i can fix it.

Owh, its supposed to click the date “Today”, but sometimes its bugged. It works if you click fullscreen before it click search.

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