Gsuite, where does it work if using a Service Account?

Hi everybody and thank you for your kindness in reading my problem!!!

My unattedded bot needs to work with some files in GDrive. Since it has to be unnatteded, I cannot use OAuth id method to connect with GSuite because it requires personal intervention to certify my identity. So I have tried the Service Account Method. I have followed a video tutorial and it seems to work, it is able to upload files and read their id. However I cannot see them in my GDrive Folders. It is as if it was working on a “secret” or unreachable folder. Have you ever suffered this problem? I do not know how to identify where is my bot uploading the files.

If I try with OAuth instead, I have to pass through the id verification, but I can see the files in the expected folder where they have to be.

This difference between Service Account identification or OAuth identification is something I directly change in the properties of the Gsuite Application Scope Activity. If I choose one method I can see the files (OAuth), if I choose the other (Service ACc) the bot uploads files and is able to read their id, but I cannot see them. Ah! Another thing, with OAuth I am able to upload files to a specific folder in my GDrive Structure (I use the folderID to do it), however, when I try to do the same (using the same folderID) in the Service Account method, the bot throws an error (it can only upload files with no identification of my GDrive folders; is like if it where pointing to a different Drive space…)

Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance,


I managed to solve the problem. The solution was to share the general folder in Gdrive with my service account. Now it is accesible from Uipath.

Tahnk you all.

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