Gsuite Integration Service: add dynamic account selection at runtime


I’m very excited about using the integration service inside Google Workspace activities.
Is is a great way to avoid having to deal with the OAuth authorization screen that shows up once in a while when using OAuthID method of authentication. (Company policy won’t allow us to use service accounts)

With recent update v1.16.2, we’re now able to choose one of multiple account connections which is great. But I would like to be able to choose the account dynamically at runtime. (maybe by being able to set a variable as the account name)

Why would that be useful? My current setup is 1 Google Workspace account associated with each unnatended robots. By each having their own account, they have their own Google API quotas. If I were to use the same Google Workspace account for all my robots, I would go over the APIs rate limit.

Adding this feature would allow me to finally use the integrations services which would simplify my workflows and make them more robust.

Hi @alexandre_Chopin

Thank you for your feedback. We will see what is possible in this area and consider it for future versions :slight_smile: