Gsheet issue

hi guys need help

actualy, iam trying to move group of individual files from one folder of google drive to a spreadsheet,

( i have to add those group of files in specific spreadsheet )

how to do this please help


Do you mean like you want to read and write it to a spreadsheet

Cheers @Shoebmd

hi palaniyappan

see, i have ten sheets in a specific google drive folder , now i have to move that sheets to a specific spreadsheets, i mean i have to add those sheets present in folder to a spreadsheet,


For merging the sheets into one sheet

  1. Make sure you have all the same structure across your sheet
  2. Download the files locally and using Read Range you read the excel sheet and Use Merge Datatable to merge all the data into one worksheet
  3. Upload again the merge sheet to GDrive

Hope this may help you