Grouping Of Fields in Taxonomy Manager of pdf

As per the reference image how can we group those elements.
for now I’m creating a seperate field for each.
for eg. 1)Suspect Drug 2)Daily Dose 3) Route Information
but I wanted the each value but it should be in one group as main heading “Suspected Drug Information” then the fields

Hi @Palve_Priyanka

Where do you need the heading to be, is it in an excel ?


yes either in excel or JSON file.

Hi @Palve_Priyanka

The Extracted Results from the model will be present separately .

You can get those results from the output of the Export Extraction Results Activity

For example : if your output variable is “extractedresults” use a For Each and loop through extractedreults.tables(0).columns , and get each column value and store it in a variable , then you can write to the desired cell in the excel.