Grouping of data in datatable

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I’ve table in below format and I want to group it as below


Column A to F are data columns and in column G, I’ve mentioned how data should be grouped. The grouping should be done as below:

  1. Group by column A, having various combinations of values from Column D,E and F i.e. grouping based on non zero values of columns D,E and F. For example, Column A = 100, Value1 and Value2 are non zero - Row no 2 and 4 grouped as Group A
  2. Group B : ColumnA and only Value1 is non zero and Value2, Value 3 are 0
  3. Group H : ColumnA and only Value2 = 0 and Value1, value3 are non zero.
    Likewise grouping needs to be done and loaded into queue. I’ve tried group by on columns A,D,E,F together but it works only if column D,E,F from multiple rows have same values. However, it should group data based on permutation and combinations of columns containing data of Column D,E and F, irrespective its non zero value, for given Column A value.

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Thanks in advance.

Hell I would like to help, can you provide an example about what is the expected Result, I am kind of confused

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@Manuel_Dominguez Hi Manuel, the actual data is present in columns A to F. In column G, I have listed down how the grouping should be based on values in columns A,D,E,F.
for example if we filter Group A values, it has same value in Column A and Value1,value2 are non zero and Value3 is zero, so this is grouped together. Likewise group E : Same column A and Value2, Value3 are non zero and Value1 is zero - so it is grouped together.
To summarize, for a specific column A, the grouping should be made based on permutations and combination of Column D,E and F with either having zero or non zero values.
Let me know if you need further details.

Hello, I got it, could you share the file with the columns (the Original one) to do a test

Sample POC data.xlsx (10.5 KB)
Hello, PFA the sample data file. Let me know if you need any additional details.

The original Excel, like this, Without values in column G and you need to add the Group depending the condition that you shared before, right?

@Manuel_Dominguez Yes right.