Grouping Log files from UiPath in ElasticSearch

I have connected my UiPath Orchestrator to an AWS ElasticSearch instance. I am currently have the database feed by 6 different bots. We would like to report on each process run and have created a unique Job ID to tag each process run. However, during a process run about 40 log files get created.

Is there a way to group these different log files together in ElasticSearch and then report on these logs as a group? Currently, I can only do reporting aggregates based on an individual document (log file) instead of the group.



This is not a UiPath issue, but a little search in the following link might solve your problem


hi,i’m so lucky to see the topic.
i have some difficulties to connect my UiPath Orchestrator to an ElasticSearch ,can you help me?

Hi @tbeilke

Could you list the steps to connect UiPath Orchestrator to AWS ES? We have an AWS ES endpoint and I updated my Orchestrator web.config file target xsi:type=“ElasticSearch” uri with the AWS ES uri.

Is there anything I should be aware of?