Grouping linq

dummy.xlsx (58.4 KB)
Hi Team, i have attached an excel here with 2 sheet one is input and the other is output. I have grouped starting index and ending index with respect to invoice numbers but now i want it to group again using a base of 100 entries. I want this to be done with help of a linq. Please help me with the same. Input and Output both are provided in the excel sheet in different sheets.

Hey @yash.choursia Could you please tell us how was the grouping based on the invoice done and also what should be the criteria for the second grouping

now i want to group this on the basis of 100. means till 100 or 101, i will make it in a group. this is the requirement.

Hey @yash.choursia,

Grouping is implemented using common values in any of the columns. May I know exactly what the requirement for you is to shorten your table so that we can work around it.


Would suggest instead of creating multiple please try to explain a bit more in the same thread