Grouping Data Points within Dashboard

I’m hoping someone out there can help me out.

In our processes, we have a similar field in the queue item named LineOfBusiness. The thought behind this was to be able to show how much time is saved per Line of Business within our organization. We’ve done it this way because some of our processes are shared amongst various business units so we could not just separate them via folders/tenants in Orchestrator.

What I’m trying to figure out, and getting stumped on, is how to connect these queue items so that we can show how much time has been saved by Line of Business.

Any ideas on how to group by a specific field within a queue item’s Specifc Data?

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Hi all,

If anyone finds this, I have found a way to join the seemingly disparate parts of data together using the admin panel in Insights and some custom SQL coding. Happy to show if there’s interest.

Very interested in your solution. We are trying to chart details from multiple queues in a single widget. Always get the dreaded red x.

Our example is as follows:

2 queues that contain transaction data and each queue item is marked with an authorization status(SpecificData.AuthStatus)

We’d like to show a pie chart that displays total number of transaction split by auth status. The issue is when we add a second value the category is no longer available.



Just want to confirm you are referring to the on-prem version or the cloud version?